Our background

We are young textile company founded with passion and love for products and people. With our 36 and 16 years experience in Sourcing, Product Development, Production and Quality Control, we stand for only the best quality and will not settle for less. But with quality we do not only refer to a beautiful product, we also refer to quality of life. For everyone that has touched the product from development of your technical file, until the moment you receive your production in house.

No Fake Promises

We believe that all good products start with good communication. Trust, integrity and tranperancy are the pillars of our company. It is very easy to get new clients with 'one time' good prices, estimated production times and so on. This is not how we work as we don't want to loose your trust but gain a good relationship, starting with the first contact. We will give you a worst case scenario so you know what you can expect, financially and timewise. Building from that it can only get better!
Is this a commercial way of working? No, but it will help you plan and never guessing if we can live up to our promises. With this transparency and integer way of working we build your trust in us.