We have been caught by the blue virus… hope we will infect you.

We cooperate with several most specialized factories from Tunis to Monastir. Since more than 50 years Tunisia is one of the leading countries in denim production and development. This long history in production has resulted in a perfect and well developed infrastructure of factories and suppliers, from zippers and buttons to denim fabrics, all reputable fabric and accessory suppliers are located in Tunisia.


Our fabric and accessory suppliers offer high quality multifunctional products from which we make great jeans in all shapes: skinny jeans, low-rise jeans, baggy jeans, denim jackets, skirts, shirts, blouses, coats etc. etc.… all in the most fantastic washes and dyes… we try to continuously reinvent ourselves…we closely follow all newest washes and trendy colors. Let us surpise you

- Our blood is indigo blue, what about you -