Our Services

The one thing that makes us happy is knowing that our clients get exactly what they have in mind. In our years of experience there is a ground rule we live by: clear and transparant communication from the beginning to the end of the process, is the key to succes.

Before we even look at any technical file, we always start with a meeting to really comprehend what emotion you want to sell with your product and contribute to your concept. Starting on the same page is essential in saving time. Our passion is being your innovative partner to deliver a product that exceeds your own expectations. AND EVEN BETTER: In our experience, working from this point of view saves us both time and money


Sourcing the best for your product
As Tunisia is one of the leading countries with a long history in the confection industry, your can rely on the fact they we have all the expertise in hand to source anything desire if we don't have it in house already. We selected the most experienced manufacturers and suppliers that are very much aware that the best solutions must be delivered yesterday. To stay on top of the game and staying sharply focussed, enables us to provide you solutions, creativity and be innovative to assist your needs...

Our Services : product development
By visiting you and working out all details together as you desire, we are able to meet your various demands from design to finished products. We offer exclusive and custom-made Collection Design including embroidery, print, washes and labeling: leather, jackron, hangtags, buttons, rivets and other trimmings.

We are capable of guiding all stages -from your first idea to a perfect delivery- of your orders including:

  • set up of your technical files
  • developing all needed washings, fabrics and accessories, 
  • provide you with the latest print technologies
  • worldwide experience with established suppliers
  • arranging samples from first proto to SMS
  • pattern development: Manual and CAD Lectra Systems

We can deliver Finished Products within 3 weeks!!!
We can give you the great opportunity to produce almost in your backyard. Did you know that Tunisia is only 153 km away from Italy!!!! A big advantage of Tunisia is that transport time to Holland and Germany is a 3-5 days drive only. With our extensive network of highly experienced manufacturers with up to 45 years of experience, we can provide you the service to have your repeat order in house  even within 15 days working days! Please ask contact us for the possibilities.

Imagine that...Yes it is possible!!